Announcing GorMonjee’s early beta release

Media contact: Dr. Vivek Narayan

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Have you eaten something, only to feel lethargic in a couple hours, losing an afternoon of work? Have you set a goal to finally eat better, but been confused by the range of so-called “healthy” nutrition options? Have you ever wondered: “What’s the best thing for me to eat, right now?”

GorMonjee, a startup focused on helping people eat better, wants to solve those problems. The web application will recommend regular, balanced meals, customized for each user, and will help users redeem their unhealthy food choices by suggesting healthier alternatives.

“When I first came to the U.S., I was trying to figure out why I was gaining weight without a significant change in my eating habits,” said Dr. Vivek Narayan, GorMonjee Founder and CEO. “I went online trying to figure out what was wrong with the food I was eating, and I couldn’t find any tools that would allow me to choose foods that fulfilled my nutrition requirements.”

“The idea of GorMonjee arose from a need to ensure I was eating the best foods available to me based on my personal choices. At first, I thought this was a unique problem to me. I was wrong. Most people I know face this problem every day.”

For the past six months, we have been building our web application. An early beta version is now ready for users to test.

Sign up for the beta version at:

About GorMonjee: GorMonjee provides a simpler alternative to calorie counting to improve food decision making. GorMonjee is for people who want to eat healthier food but don’t want to drastically change the foods that they like to eat. We add the good stuff in so that over time users choose healthier food.

GorMonjee received $25,000 from the Cleveland-based software accelerator Flashstarts, in 2014. Subsequently, the company received Angel funding to develop its early beta.