About Food

There is Too Much Noise About Food, I stated, rather confidently on stage while pitching GorMonjee in front of 350 Investors, Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals (I don’t like the word Intern) and Special Invitees. Ford Prefect, the unflappable humanoid alien traveler in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, while sitting at a bar waiting for the earth to end (and for his ride to whiz him away before it exploded) posits very categorically to a fellow imbiber that something he never understood about Humans was their proclivity to stating the Very Obvious and Repeating the Very Very Obvious. I started reading The Guide¬†towards the end of high school and continued reading Douglas Adams well into Medical School, and this cogent observation about Humans repeating the very obvious (being unoriginal? being inauthentic? trying to simply make conversation?) influenced my thinking about my own writing and quite frankly my own artistic expression. But more importantly it influenced my thoughts on originality and creativity. If you listen closely to what is said in the Media, in Meeting Rooms, Online, there is seldom much originality in what is repeated over and over again… however, it is questionable if the obviousness is perceived by everyone who is listening. Of course, Adams would argue that they, therefore, aren’t listening, but I’m going to let that slide for the moment.This search for authenticity, created a lull in my writing and later on, as I left medicine and began to apply my skills in other realms, prevented me from truly becoming an academic. I struggled to write papers, publishable or otherwise, as there didn’t seem to be any original content. Nothing original to say. As Google became Google, it became worse. If one simply Googled one’s idea semantically, one would see so much written about a particular subject that it became disheartening. Actually being able to contribute meaningfully to a dialogue about a particular topic became time consuming due to all the research that could be done… But, there was a benefit to all that sifting. Over time you being to recognize ‘good content’ and reasonable approaches to problems based on critical thinking. This is important for us.We’ve persisted and over time developed a unique voice, unique thoughts, and a new way of looking at food, one that is worthy of documentation and worthy of elaboration.

About Food will serve as a repository of content that influences us at GorMonjee. And while our reference to existing work isn’t original, weaving science, psychology, genetics, consumer behavior and history, into what drives us, as a company, will. This page, as time permits, will chronicle how the Story of Food has led us to create the products we create. We welcome you, not down the Rabbit Hole, but into our understanding of Food and how Food can nourish us as humans and at scale.