Young Americans are only meeting 50% of their nutrition requirements. We're here to fix that.

You select what you want to eat

GorMonjee allows you to choose the foods you want to eat to plan your weekly groceries. Let us worry about balancing those choices to match your nutrition requirements.

We add the good stuff in to balance out any poor food choice

Once you’ve selected the foods you want to eat for a particular meal, our alogorithm will GorMonjify your food by suggesting additional ingredients for you to bump up your GorMonjee Score. The higher the score for your overall meal, the more of your daily nutritional requirements will be met.

You can easily plan trips to the grocery store

Don’t spend time wandering around and looking at labels. Armed with GorMonjee’s grocery list, you’ll breeze through the store with food that is healthy for you and not spend extra money by over buying food that gets thrown away.

Improve workflow, Improve outcomes, and spend more time connecting with clients

GorMonjee cares about caregivers. We automate menu planning and keep a track of what your clients are eating so that you can spend time connecting with them. The reason you became a healthcare professional in the first place.

Easily keep tabs on your client's progress

With our dashboards and KPI’s you can easily monitor daily, weekly and even monthly averages of food being eaten, but more importantly, our system will notify you of anyone who needs special attention so that they continue on their path towards self-management.

Caregivers can assist their clients with a nutrition strategy

How many times have you felt that your clients are totally going to ignore the food plan that you’ve made for them ? We’ve designed our nutrition management system to ensure that our users get as close to their daily nutrition requirements without compromising on macronutrient distribution. But that’s just the beginning.